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The “Sawlead” company was founded in 2011 by Mr. Faruk Hamza (CEO) , with the purpose of conducting sawing and drilling reinforced concrete works, producing and importing tools, equipment for sawing and drilling.

We are specialists in the following fields of sawing-drilling works: drilling reinforced concrete, including complex drilling, with the use of diamond tips of any thickness and diameter.

Sawing reinforced concrete (by means of the latest equipment, which uses water without dust formation).

Secure destruction of the interior walls with a diamond saw. The extraction of interior systems of buildings (e. g. electricity, plumbing, air conditioning). Sawing asphalt. Sawing bridges. Sawing the ceilings (of any size and thickness).

Pile cutting. Works on the cutting and digging with a bobcat excavator and compressor, as well as the destruction of the bunkers.

Mr. Faruk Hamza, who has over 15 years of experience in sawing, is responsible for this area. He implements the advanced and modern methods of work, with the aid of a staff consisting of 20 persons, equipped with professional and modern equipment.

The company has acquired a rich and wide experience in the development of manufacturing technologies, supported and approved by the company engineer, in production of diamond tools for concrete, stone, marble, asphalt, glass and metal industries. The equipment for sawing and drilling sold by the company is manufactured after thorough inspections in accordance with technical specifications of the company and is the world’s best.

Mr. , who has over 20 years of experience in engineering, is responsible for production, import, marketing and administrative work. He is in charge of establishing relations and signing contracts with international suppliers, identifying new technologies, entering into contracts with domestic customers, as well as supervising the production department and customer service.

The combination of sawing works and use of equipment in the production and use of diamonds has led us to the technological improvements in equipment operation and production of diamond tools. You may rely on our experience.

Among our numerous clients are institutions, construction companies, architects, engineers, construction supervisors and renovation contractors. In the area of marketing diamond tools, there are professionals engaging in work with marble, stone, asphalt, glass and metal, as well as wholesalers and shops selling of technical equipment and building materials.

In marketing, we are the leaders in public relations, quality of service and reliability. Having a wealth of experience, we use an experienced and efficient sales team, supported by the system of telemarketing.

Those are the qualities that express the brand and the company slogan "SAWLEAD LEADING SAWING TECHNOLOGI".

Development: it is the quality, expressed in the way of work, human relations and relations with our customers.

Specialization: it is important for us to constantly streamline our business processes, to make them fully professional.

Leadership: to continuously monitor the technological and practical innovations.